2 = register, register, registry, records centre.
Ex. James's methods in dealing systematically with each codex are illustrated by comparing the Ecloga with the 1574/75 register of Mathew Parker's library at Corpus Christi, Cambridge.
Ex. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries printers got over the resulting difficulties by adding (usually adjacent to the colophon) a summary of the signatures called the register.
Ex. Its aim is to provide a reliable registry of all world serial publications.
Ex. This article describes the background to the setting up of the Archdiocese of Chicago's archives and records centre.
* cuadrar el registro = make + register.
* el registro de los registros = record-of-record.
* fichero de registro de transacciones = log, service log, computer log, server log.
* mantener registro de = keep + record of.
* mantener un registro = keep + log.
* mantener un registro de = keep + track of, record.
* registro catastral = land registry office, land registry.
* registro civil = registry office.
* registro de actividades realizadas = logbook [log book].
* registro de entrada = accessions register.
* registro de grupo de términos de búsqueda relacionados = hedge book.
* registro de las pantallas consultadas = screen log.
* registro de operaciones realizadas = transaction log, transaction logging.
* registro de salida de cartas = outward letterbook.
* registro de transacciones = logsheet.
* registro temporal de transacciones = time log.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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